Nikita Tananaev, Ph.D.

Leading Research Scientist
Laboratory of Permafrost Groundwater and Geochemistry

Tel.: +7-4112-390833
Email: nikita.tananaev@gmail.com

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ORCID: 0000-0003-2997-0169
Web of Science ResearcherID: J-3471-2012
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  • Ph.D. (Geography), 2007. Dissertation: Stream Load and Fluvial Processes in Permafrost Regions
  • M.S. (Hydrology), Moscow State University, 2004

Training and Certifications

  • 2020, Advanced training course on ICT in Education, North-Eastern Federal University Yakutsk

Research Interests

  • Periglacial geomorphology
  • Permafrost hydrology

Current and Recent Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project, 2021-2025: Groundwater in Permafrost: Origins, Regime, Interactions with Surface Water and Permafrost, and Resource Development
  • RFBR Project 18-45-140029, 2018-2020: Hydrogeology and Thermal Regime of Permafrost in Central Yakutia – Study of Relationships and Temporal Variations in the Holocene and Under Various Climate Scenarios (Principal Investigator)
  • Contract Project, Space Research Institute RAS, Moscow, 2018-2019: Field Testing of the DAN Instrument at the Melnikov Permafrost Institute's Monitoring Sites (Principal Investigator)
  • SB RAS Basic Research Project IX.127.2.3, 2017-2020: Integrated Studies to Understand the Dynamics of Natural and Human-Affected Landscapes in the East Siberian permafrost region – Block 2. Understanding the Interaction between Surface and Ground Water in the Formation and Dynamics of Permafrost Landscapes (Co-Investigator)
  • RFBR Project 17-05-01287_а, 2017-2019: Formation and Evolution of Small River Channels on the Plains in the Permafrost Zone (Co-Investigator)
  • Contract Project, Prognoz AO, 2018: Additional Exploration of the Verticalny Aquifer Area (Resource Reassessment) (Co-Investigator)

Selected Past Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project VIII.77.2.2, 2013-2016. Mountain Glaciations and Permafrost in Continental Areas of Central and Northeastern Asia. Response of Glacial and Periglacial Formations to Recent Changes in Climate – Block 4. Morphometric Analysis and Structural Hydrographic Modelling of Large River Watersheds in Northern Asia in the Late Quaternary Based on DEM and Sediment Balance (Principal Investigator)
  • ЕС FP-7 TOMCAR-Permafrost, Terrestrial organic matter characterization in Arctic rivers through molecular and isotopic analysis (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • NSF ARC-1204070, Collaborative Research: Interactions Between Air Temperature, Permafrost and Hydrology in the High Latitudes of Eurasia (Co-Principal Investigator)
  • FP7 – Marie Curie Career Integration Grants (2014-2017): Dissolved organic matter withdrawal from peatland-dominated soils and landscapes (Investigator)

Professional Association Memberships and Committee Activity

  • Member, International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)
  • Member, International Permafrost Association
  • Editorial Board Member, Наука и техника в Якутии [Science and Technology in Yakutia]
  • Special Issues Editor, Remote Sensing (2020)
  • Expert Panel Member, Russian Science Foundation (2020)

Teaching and Supervising Activities

  • 2017-present, Associate Professor, North-Eastern Federal University (Courses: Hydrology; Oceanology)
  • 2017-2018, 2020 Invited Professor, L'Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (Courses: Permafrost hydrology)
  • 2020 Moscow State University, Department of Geocryology Master Program (lectures on permafrost hydrology)
  • 2020 Getting started courses on R/Rstudio, Melnikov Permafrost Institute and Moscow State University
  • 2020 North-Eastern Federal University, Arctic Summer and Winter Schools, lectures on Water Resources and Climate Change

Honours and Distinctions

  • Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Ministry of Education and Science Commendation (2020)
  • Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Government Commendation (2014)