Vladimir Nikolaev

Senior Technical Assistant, Laboratory of General Geocryology

M.S. (Geography), Yakutsk State University, 1968

Tel.: +7-4112-390881


Field Work

Field studies, since 1963, in permafrost areas of central, northern and southern parts of Yakutia.

2018 Pokrovsk, Tabaga Point, Kildyamsty in central Yakutia (data collection from thermal monitoring sites, thaw depth measurements, instrumentation of a new borehole)

2006 to present – monitoring observations at the Tuymaada Research and Monitoring Station

2004 – Mamontova Gora permafrost exposures on the Aldan River

2000 – Aldan River field trip – stratigraphy of permafrost exposures

1999 – field studies in Central Yakutia

1989-1992 – permafrost investigations as part of feasibility studies for Tiksi Nuclear Plant project, Arctic Yakutia

1978-1983 – thermal and hydrologic studies of the Vilyui dam reservoir, western Yakutia

1972-1976 – monitoring studies at Syrdakh site, Ust-Aldan District, Central Yakutia

1966 – thermal and hydrological studies in Central Yakutia

1963, 1965-1966 – Muostakh Island, Laptev Sea