Skachkov YB

Yuri Skachkov, Ph.D.

Leading Research Scientist, Laboratory of Permafrost Geothermics

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and Degrees

  • Ph.D. (Geography), Permafrost institute, 2001. Dissertation: Thermal Stability of Upper Permafrost in Central Yakutia under Current Climate Warming
  • M.S. (Geography), Leningrad State University, 1975

Research Interests

  • Climate change
  • Permafrost changes
  • Ground thermal regime

Current and Recent Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project, 2021-2025: The Thermal Field and Permafrost in Northeastern Russia: Controls and Dynamics (Participant)
  • RAS Basic Research Project IX.135.2.1, 2017-2020: Subsurface Temperature Field and Permafrost Transformation in Northern Asia and Central Asian Mountains – Block 3. Thermal Response of Upper Permafrost to Climate Change and Human Impacts. Modelling and Prediction (Participant)
  • Contract Project, Larionov Institute of Physical and-Technical Problems of the North, Yakutsk, 2018-2020: Investigation of Permafrost Changes and Assessment of Related Hazards on Linear Infrastructure in the Power of Siberia Pipeline Corridor in a Changing Climate (Participant)
  • Contract Project, Giprosvyaz PAO, Sakhatelecom (Yakutsk), 2018: Guidelines for Selecting Burial Depth of Fiber Optic Cables with Permissible Crush (0.4 kN/cm2 to 7 kN/cm2) and Tensile (7 kN/cm2 to 40 kN/cm2) Loads in the Active Layer of Permafrost in Amga, Mege-Khangalas, Ust-Aldan, Khangalas, Churapcha, Tatta and Olekminsk Districts, Sakha (Participant)
  • Contract with the Municipality of Yakutsk, 2016: Assessment of the Current Permafrost and Groundwater Conditions in Yakutsk (Co-Investigator)

Field Work

  • 1984-present - ground temperature monitoring and investigations in Central Yakutia
  • 1987-2006 – permafrost investigations along the northern portion of the Tommot-Nizhnyi Bestyakh railroad, Central Yakutia
  • 1991 - permafrost investigations in the Kolyma River valley for the Srednekanskaya hydropower project
  • 1989-1990 - permafrost investigations in the Amguema River valley, Chukchi Peninsula
  • 1982-1983 – year-round heat balance observations at Chabyda site, Central Yakutia
  • 1979-1981 - year-round heat balance observations at a high-altitude monitoring site in the Tian Shan (field team leader)
  • 1978-1979 – heat balance monitoring at Zeleny Lug site near Yakutsk
  • 1975-1977 – year-round heat balance observations at Syrdakh station, Central Yakutia

Teaching and Supervision Activities

  • Chair, State Examination and Attestation Committees on Hydrometeorology for B.S. Degrees, North-Eastern Federal University