Alena Shestakova, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, 
Laboratory of GIS and Mapping

РИНЦ Author ID: 543724 (
Web of Science ResearcherID: Y-9063-2018



  • Ph.D. (Geography), Melnikov Permafrost Institute, 2011. Dissertation: Mapping of Permafrost Landscapes with Account for Vegetation Succession: the Pre-Lena Plateau
  • M.S. (Engineering Hydrogeology), Yakutsk State University, 2004

Research Interests

  • geocryology
  • engineering geology
  • mapping
  • permafrost terrain
  • GIS

Current and Recent Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project, 2021-2025: Geocryological Processes and Hazards in Permafrost Landscapes of Eastern Siberia (Participant)
  • RFBR Project 18-45-140046, 2018-2020: Development of GIS Models of Permafrost-Landscape Evolution in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (Co-Investigator)
  • Public Contract OK 2154, Sakha (Yakutia) Public Roads Administration, 2020-2021: Establishment of an Experimental Test Site Network on Regional Roads in the Sakha (Yakutia) Permafrost Zone for Embankment Stability Research (Participant)
  • Contract Project, Institut Giprostroymost St Petersburg AO, 2020: Permafrost Characterization for the Lena River Toll Bridge Project Site Investigation (Participant)
  • SB RAS Basic Research Project IX.127.2.3 (2017-2020): Integrated Studies to Understand the Dynamics of Natural and Human-Affected Landscapes in the East Siberian Permafrost Region – Block 4. GIS Mapping of Permafrost and Related Landscapes in East Siberia (Participant)
  • RFBR–Russian Geographical Society Project 17-05-41079\18 (2017-2019): 1:2,500,000-Scale Mapping of Upper Permafrost Parameters, Eastern Russian Arctic (Participant)
  • RFBR-Republic of Sakha/Yakutia Grant 12-05-98501-р_восток_а (2012-2014): Engineering-Geocryological Mapping of North-Eastern Russia at a Scale of 1:2,500,000 (Participant)
  • Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) Contract No. 1135 of June 17, 2011 (2011-2013): Engineering-Geological Mapping of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) at a Scale of 1:1,500,000 (Participant)
  • (Participant)Public Contract №АМ-02-34/30 of June 13, 2007 (2007-2010): Compilation of an Updated Engineering Geology Map of the Russian Federation at a Scale of 1:2,500,000 – Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Magadan Oblast and Khabarovsk Krai (Participant)

Memberships and Committee Activity

  • Secretary, Dissertation Council D 003.025.01
  • Member, Russian Geographical Society
  • Member, Permafrost Young Researchers Network (PYRN)

Teaching, Supervision and Outreach Activities

  • Associate Professor, North-Eastern Federal University. Course taught: Introduction to Engineering Geology
  • Graduate student supervision (Nikolai Fedorov, MPI Graduate Study Program)
  • Expert, Step into the Future Science Fair (2020)

Honours and Awards

  • Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Commendation (2020)