Tuymaada Station, Central Yakutia


The Tuymaada Station is located on the north-western outskirts of Yakutsk (second terrace of the Lena River, 62.01° N, 129.65° E) in the continuous permafrost zone.


The Tuymaada Station was established in 1967 and was a site of intensive research on permafrost–landscape relationships between 1969 and 1976. The results of this research were summarized by A.V. Pavlov in the books: Heat Exchange between Soil and Atmosphere in Northern and Temperate Latitudes of the USSR published in 1975 in Yakutsk and Thermal Physics of Landscapes published by Nauka Publishing House, Novosibirsk in 1979.

In 1995, thermal monitoring was resumed to document interannual and long-term variability of the ground thermal regime in a warming climate. Temperature measurements have been made in two boreholes located at an open and forest sites. In 2006-2011, additional instrumentation was installed for thermal monitoring and other permafrost-related projects.

Current Projects

Meteorological observations (air temperature, snow depth, soil temperature, soil moisture); active-layer measurements (CALM R42 site, thaw tube grid); permafrost temperature regime (70 m borehole in a grass meadow and 15 m borehole in a pine stand); CSAMT and GPR geophysical investigations; soil water evaporation measurements (ГГИ-500 ГР-25); precipitation chemistry monitoring (SO42-, НСO3-, Cl-, NO3-, NO2-, NH4+, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+;Cs, Li, Sr, Ba, F, P; pH, Eh and electrical conductivity); automated heat flux system experiment


Klim Kirensky, Station Manager
Tel: +7-4112-390881
E-mail: mpi@ysn.ru
Address: Merzlotnaya St. 36
Yakutsk, Russia


Tuymaada 1

Tuymaada 2

Tuymaada 3

Tuymaada 44

Air temperatures in Yakutsk:
1961-1990 normals and 2019-2020 hydrological year.

Ground temperature profiles:
grass meadow (left) and pine forest (right).