Nina P. Anisimova, D.Sc. Geol.&Miner.


Dr. Anisimova developed cryohydrogeochemistry as a new subdiscipline in permafrost science. She was the first to investigate the chemistry of fresh and mineral groundwater springs in the middle Lena River basin, as well as to scrutinize the fundamental controls on groundwater and ground ice chemistry in permafrost environments. She advanced the hydrochemical method to gain new insights into the formation and dynamics of water-bearing taliks, the age of thermokarst lakes, and many other important issues. Dr. Anisimova established several monitoring sites in central Yakutia for long-term hydrochemical observations. Concurrently, she conducted laboratory investigations of chemical migration in sediments and ice at various boundary temperatures.

Years at MPI: 1948-2011

Important contributions:
-- Tolstikhin, O.N., Piguzova, V.M., Anisimova, N.P. et al. Hydrogeology of the USSR, vol. XX, Yakutian ASSR. Москва: Недра, 1970. – 383 pp.
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-- Anisimova, N.P. Hydrogeochemical Methods for Permafrost Investigations, Practical Course. Якутск: ИМЗ СО РАН, 2004. – 78 pp.