Octaviy N. Tolstikhin, D.Sc. Geol.&Miner.


Outstanding expert in the fields of regional hydrogeology, hydrogeological mapping, icings and icing processes, and environmental studies

Years at MPI: 1963–1972, 2013–2019

Important contributions:
-- Hydrogeological Map of the Yakutian ASSR. Scale 1: 2,500,000. Compiled by N.N.Indoleva, R.S.Kononova, V.M.Piguzova, G.G.Stepanenko, and O.N.Tolstikhin. Якутск: ИМ СО АН СССР, Якутское Геологическое Управление МГ СССР, 1967. – 4 sheets.
-- Tolstikhin, O.N., Piguzova, V.M., Anisimova, N.P. et al. Hydrogeology of the USSR, vol. XX, Yakutian ASSR. Москва: Недра, 1970. – 383 pp.
-- Dmitriev, E.M., Tolstikhin, O.N. Use of Groundwater for Water Supply in the Yakutian ASSR: Prospects, Exploration and Extraction. Якутск: ИМЗ СО РАН, 1971. – 75 pp.
-- Glotov, V.E., Tolstikhin, O.N., Piguzova, V.M. et al. Hydrogeology of the USSR, vol. XXVI, North-East of the USSR. Москва: Недра, 1972. – 297 pp.
-- Tolstikhin N.I., Tolstikhin, O.N., Balobaev, V.T. et al. Permafrost Science. Новосибирск: Наука, 1974. – 290 pp.
-- Tolstikhin, O.N. Icings and Groundwater in the North-Eastern U.S.S.R. Новосибирск: Наука, 1974. – 163 pp.
-- Shepelev, V.V., Tolstikhin, O.N., Piguzova, V.M. et al. Permafrost and Hydrogeological Conditions in East Siberia. Новосибирск: Наука, 1984. – 191 pp.