Alexander Fedorov, Ph.D.

Vice Director for Science


Tel.: +7-4112-334856, +7-4112-390813

Email: anfedorov@mpi.ysn.ru 





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Educational Background

  • M.S. (Physical Geography), Voronezh State University, 1979
  • Ph.D. (Geography), Permafrost Institute, 1990. Dissertation: Permafrost Landscapes of Yakutia: Classification and Mapping


Research Interests

  • Permafrost landscapes: classification and mapping
  • Permafrost landscapes: stability / sensitivity to anthropogenic disturbances and climate change



  • Member, Russian Geographical Society
  • Member, MPI Scientific Council


Field Work

  • 2014-present – Landscape monitoring, Central Yakutia
  • Summer 2012-2014 – Landscape investigations, Mus-Khaya Mount, Suntar-Khayata Range 
  • 1996-2012 – Monitoring of landscape dynamics at Neleger and Spasskaya Pad sites, Central Yakutia 
  • Summer seasons 1992-2012 – Thermokarst monitoring studies at the Yukechi research site, 45 km east of Yakutsk 
  • Summer 1990-1991 – Permafrost and landscape studies for the proposed Churkuok Power Scheme on the Vilyui River
  • Summer 1989 – Permafrost and landscape investigations at the Kerdyugen research site near Yakutsk 
  • Summers 1985-– Permafrost and landscape investigations for permafrost landscape mapping of Yakutia at a scale of 1:2,500,000 (Anabar, Bulun, Lower Kolyma, Middle Kolyma, Verkhoyansk, Zhigansk, Kobyai, Vilyuisk, Verkhnevilyuisk, Nyurba, Suntar, Aldan, Neryungri Districts) 
  • Summer – Permafrost and landscape investigations in the lower Markha River area 
  • Summers 1982-– Permafrost and terrain studies along the proposed Tommot to Yakutsk railway route 
  • Summers 1981-1982 – Landscape mapping, Umaibyt site, Central Yakutia 
  • Summer 1980 – Landscape mapping in the Amga valley


Teaching Involvement

From 1985 to 2007, Dr. Fedorov taught courses at the Yakutsk State University Faculty of Mining Geology, as well as at the Faculty of Biology and Geography where he continues to serve as a member of examination and graduate student committees. Five Ph.D. students have completed their degrees under his supervision (A. Gorokhov, V. Samsonova, A. Svinoboev, Y. Torgovkin, and A. Shestakova). He is currently supervising two Ph.D. students (S. Nikolaeva and N. Basharin).


Visiting Professorships

  • 2016 – Paris-Sud University-11, France
  • 2012-2013 – Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto, Japan
  • 2008 – Paris-Sud University-11, France
  • 2006-2007 – Hokkaido University, Japan