Yana Tikhonravova, Ph.D.

Research Scientist, Laboratory of General Geocryology

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Education and Degrees

  • Ph.D. (Geology & Mineralogy), 2019. Melnikov Permafrost Institute. Dissertation: The Structure of Wedge Ice in the northern Gydan Peninsula and the Pur-Taz Watershed
  • M.S. (Geoecology), Russian State University for Geological Prospecting

Current and Recent Projects

  • SB RAS Basic Research Project, 2021-2025: Permafrost Degradation and Landform Transformation in Coastal and Offshore Areas of the Eastern Russian Arctic: Dynamics, Prediction and Risks (Participant)
  • RFBR 18-35-00031 (мол_a), 2018-2020: Reconstruction of Local Permafrost Variations during the Holocene Based on the Cryostratigraphy of Sediments and Botanical Composition of Peat in Thermokarst Basins, northern West Siberia (Principal Investigator)
  • RFBR 19-05-00071 (A), 2018-2020: Analysis and Prediction of Polychemical Contamination of Cryosols and Near-Surface Permafrost Related to Global Climatic Change and Local Anthropogenic Impacts (Participant)
  • RFBR 18-05-60222 (Арктика), 2018-2020: Periglacial Geomorphological Processes in the Arctic Lowlands with Ground Ice Under Recent Climatic Variations along the Kara Latitudinal Transect (Participant)
  • RFBR 18-45-890013 (р_а), 2018-2020: Dynamics of Ice-Wedge Polygons in Peatlands Due to Climatic and Anthropogenic Factors (Participant)
  • RFBR 18-55-11005 (АФ_т), 2018-2020: Mechanisms, Trajectories and Patchy Pattern of Climate Change-Induced Changes in Arctic Ecosystems (ClimEco) (Participant)
  • RFBR 19-45-890011 (р_а), 2018-2020: Assessing Sensitivity of Polygonal Peatlands to Anthropogenic Impacts in the Northern Pur-Taz Watershed in the Context of Climatic Change (Participant)
  • RFBR 17-35-50048 (мол_нр), 2017-2018: Study on Composition, Structure and Fabric of Polygonal Ice Wedges in Organic Sediments in the Gydan Peninsula to Relate Them with Environmental Changes (Participant)
  • RSF 14-17-00131, 2016-2017: Cryotracing as a Basis for Reconstructing Quaternary Paleoenvironments and Landscape Transformations (Participant)
  • RFBR 16-45-890257 (р_а), 2016-2017: Integrated Investigations of Cryogenic Geosystems on Belyi Island and Gydan Peninsula Based on Monitoring Stations (Participant)

Field Work

  • 2018-2019 summer seasons – Bovanenkovo Gas Field and Vaskiny Dachi Station (field observations as part of the integrated permafrost research program)
  • 2018 (August) – Marre-Sale Cape, northern West Siberia (cryostratigraphic studies of permafrost and ground ice bodies)
  • 2016-2019 – Pur-Raz watershed, northern West Siberia (permafrost and ground ice studies)
  • 2016 and 2018 – northern Gydan Peninsula (cryostratigraphy and ground ice)
  • 2015 (August) – monitoring observations at Nadym Station
  • 2014 (July-September) – Alexandra Land, Franz Jozef Land (environmental and geocryological assessments)