The main goals of Laboratory’s research is to further understanding of the structure, development history, genesis, age and dynamics of permafrost in north-eastern Asia and to investigate its effects on the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and technosphere. Areas of research include:

  • Study of cryogenic features and processes in the natural and disturbed areas of permafrost
  • Study of the patterns and evolution of cryogenic processes in the coastal and offshore areas of the Laptev and East-Siberian seas
  • Monitoring of frost-related features and processes in the communities of central Yakutia
  • Investigation of geomorphic processes in the plains, plateaus and mountains of the Middle-Taiga zone
  • Paleoenvironmental reconstruction and climato-stratigraphic study of permafrost histories during the Neogene, Quaternary and Holocene


Research Staff

Semen Gotovtsev Ph.D., Acting Head, Senior Research Scientist
Valentin Spektor Ph.D., Leading Research Scientist
Alexey Galanin D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist; Director, Radiocarbon Dating Lab
Mikhail Grigoriev D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Viktor Kunitsky D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Sergey Razumov D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Vladimir Spektor D.Sc., Principal Research Scientist
Stanislav Zabolotnik Ph.D., Leading Research Scientist
Igor Klimovsky Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Anna Kut, Ph.D., Research Scientist
Igor Syromyatnikov, Ph.D., Research Scientist
Yana Tikhonravova, Ph.D., Research Scientist
Yuri Murzin, Research Scientist
Vasilii Lytkin, Ph.D., Research Scientist
Yuri Murzin, Junior Research Scientist
Georgii Maksimov, Junior Research Scientist
Alexandra Cherepanova, Junior Research Scientist
Varvara Andreeva, Junior Research Scientist
Grigorii Shaposhnikov, Junior Research Scientist

Technical Staff

Kliment Kirensky, Senior Technical Assistant
Irina Klimova, Senior Technical Assistant
Vladimir Nikolaev, Senior Technical Assistant
Natalia Lykhota, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Anzhela Vasileva, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Aelita Skryabina, Technical Assistant



Melnikov Permafrost Institute
Merzlotnaya St., 36
Yakutsk, Russia 677010

Tel.: +7-4112-390891