Vasilieva Anzhela     

Anzhela Vasileva

1st Category Technical Assistant
Laboratory of General Geocryology


  • Graduate student, MPI Graduate Study Program, 2019-present
  • M.S. (Groundwater and Geotechnical Exploration), North-Eastern Federal University, 2017

Field Work

  • 2020 – Ust-Buotama exposure of periglacial eolian deposits – ground surveys with landform characterization, sample collection for grain-size, mineralogical, pollen, microbiological and radiocarbon analysys, UAV survey of the Lena Tukulan and Saamys Kumaga sand fields
  • 2020 Peschanaya Gora and Kharyyalakh sediments (stratigraphic description, sampling)
  • 2019 Geomorphological and stratigraphic investigations of periglacial aeolian cover deposits in central Yakutia (Diring Lower Paleolithic site and Vilyu River basin); description, mapping and sampling of Kharyyalakh exposure; data collection from thermal monitoring sites