Photographs by Pavel Konstantinov


From summer 1956 to autumn 1959, the Permafrost Institute undertook glaciological and permafrost studies in the Suntar-Khayata Range, northeastern Russia, as part of the International Geophysical Year 1957/58. The expedition led by Nikolai Grave performed a wide range of research, including meteorology, actinometry, ground temperature measurements, glaciology, geology, snow surveys, permafrost studies, and geobotanical sampling. Detailed glaciological investigations were conducted at Glacier 31 located at the heads of the Burgali River, a left tributary to the Indigirka. The scientific findings of this expedition were published in: N.A. Grave, M.K. Gavrilova, G.F. Gravis, E.M. Katasonov, N.K. Klyukin, M.M. Koreisha. B.A. Kornilov, L.V. Chistotinov. Freezing of Earth Surface and Glaciation of Suntar-Khayata Range (Eastern Yakutia). The Publishing House “Nauka”, Moscow 1964.

In 2012-2014, glaciological and permafrost studies were undertaken in the Glacier 31 area under the Agreement between the Melnikov Permafrost Institute and the Arctic Environment Research Center, National Institute of Polar Research, Japan.


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