Mirninsky rayon
Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)
Russia 678185
Phone: +7 41136 72-146


Research Staff

Sergey Velikin D.Sc., Head of Station
A. Tsiferov, Assistant Head
Oleg Poezzhaev, Research Assistant
Sergei Vavilov, Research Assistant

Technical Staff

Yuri Ivanov, Chief Engineer
D. Davydov, Senior Technical Assistant
Olga Volyanskaya, Senior Technical Assistant
Ekaterina Minova, Technical Assistant
Natalya Bylinskaya, Technical Assistant
A.B. Godunov, Technical Assistant




VPRS research is focused on the advancement of permafrost geophysics and involves the development of geophysical theories and techniques, as well as their application to permafrost studies in the West Yakutian diamond mining district.

The main areas of research at VPRS are dictated by increasing pressures on the permafrost environment exerted by resource extraction and construction activities. They are:

  • development and improvement of geophysical methods for permafrost investigations;
  • interaction of engineering structures with the environment during construction, operation and maintenance;
  • integrated permafrost investigations in the areas of intensive resource use.

The goals of research are to:

  • develop innovative geophysical methods and procedures for permafrost monitoring to provide a rational basis for planning decisions and infrastructure safety management (including integration of geophysical methods and improvement of interpretation techniques).
  • develop an understanding of the relationships between the physical parameters and the types and properties of frozen earth materials that dictate the allowable limits of impact.