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Areas of Research

  • Study of spatiotemporal variability and evolution of permafrost-dominated landscapes; improvement of mapping techniques
  • Development of assessment criteria for terrain sensitivity to anthropogenic impact and climatic change

Research Staff

Alexander Fedorov Ph.D., Head of Laboratory
Vera Samsonova Ph.D., Leading Research Scientist
Pavel Konstantinov Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Anatoly Nikolaev D.Sc., Senior Research Scientist
Andrey Shepelev Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Inokenty Ugarov Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Nikolai Vasiliev Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist
Petr Efremov, Research Scientist
Rosalia Ivanova, Junior Research Scientist
Svetlana Nikolaeva, Research Assistant

Technical Staff

Radomir Argunov, Senior Technical Assistant
Nikolai Basharin, 1st Category Technical Assistant
Larisa Egorova, Technical Assistant


Melnikov Permafrost Institute
Merzlotnaya St., 36
Yakutsk, Russia 677010
Tel.: 7-4112-334318  Email:


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